GoSolid // Georgetown

     The Seattle startup culture has a reputation around the world for its unique working climates and its focus on conceptualizing incredible, cutting edge products & services. This culture of creativity, the permission to explore ideas, & authenticity within a relaxed atmosphere has cultivated companies from starts ups into industry leaders for the past 20 years. Seattle's economy (and geography) has been transformed by the abandonment of heavy industry, and has been reborn by the incoming tech companies. This phenomenon has impacted some areas of Seattle more than others. In some cases, incoming industries can completely reshape the city. In some cases, like Georgetown's reclaimed Rainer factory, companies move in with an appreciation for the history of the buildings that they're beginning to take over. 

      GoSolid came to me with a unique situation. Being back end web developers, its hard to visually communicate an industry that creates a product that isn't meant to be seen. What was most important to Mac McClain was presenting an appreciation of the historical region of the city that his team had moved into, as well as the friendly atmosphere that has attracted & enriched the work environment. GoSolid, like many companies that are clued into what it takes to attract and develop a small team, have avoided the corporate atmosphere and created a culture that lets employees work within their natural rhythms.

     GoSolid asked me to create an album of photos that would be used on their website to explain their culture to their future clients, as well as show the faces of the team that drives the company. Leaving the aestetic choices to me, I was asked to find the timeless details within their georgetown neighborhood that have given this region such a potent identity. The end result was an eclectic, colorful, and aesthetically industrial album with georgetown's unique flavor.